Do you do pulls?

Yes, we use a service provided by previewsworld, to get started shoot us an email at sales@blackcapecomics.com

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards online and in store! Gift cards purchased online can be used both online and in-store! You can purchase those here >> https://blackcapecomics.com/collections/gift-card

How much do you charge for shipping?

We offer two different types of shipping, both First Class as well as Priority Mail with the USPS. Tracking is provided with both First Class and Priority. 

- First Class (3-6 business days) is a flat rate of $6.50 and that is up to 1 lb or about 1-3 books. Any package over 1 lb will be required to upgrade to Priority. 

- Priority Mail (1-3 business days) is a flat rate depending on size. Pricing ranges from $8.75 - $15. Priority is available for any size package, but is required for anything over 1 lb. 

     - $15 will ship 1 or more Graded Comics and 11+ Comics

Prints have their own shipping charge of $5 as they ship independently in a shipping tube to keep them safe. 

*All Orders over $100 will ship for free! (In the United States only)

How do you package Comics or other items to ship?

We take pride in our shipping, we use a combination of a specific comic book mailer we had custom made we dubbed "The Tank Mailer". We also use other "Tough" boxes and materials that's designed to keep your books safe. Box choice and size will depend on the physical size of and qty of the books ordered.  All packages (even First Class) gets materials like Sheet foam bubble-wrap, foam dampeners and other packing materials to help keep your items safe!

When will my in stock items ship?

Most items are sent out within 1-2 business days. This might vary due to items in the order or shipping choices. Shipping time can be delayed for multiple factors such as current volume of orders, and current conditions of the USPS. 

When will my pre-ordered items ship?

As soon as we get them and have everything in your order we ship! If your order has multiple items and pre-ordered items, we will ship once we have the entire order. Keep an eye on shipping dates in our product descriptions, your order will ship with the latest date of the items in your cart. We suggest to order items with similar shipping dates so that your whole order isn't held up by one title that may not be released for a lot longer then the rest of your order. 

Do you ship international?

Yes! We ship all over the world! Shipping fees are calculated at check out. We do not offer free shipping on international orders.

Why do prints have separate shipping?

We ship them in a separate protective tube to keep them nice and safe!

I do not see an comic I wanted available for pre-order, I believe that it should be, can I order it?

As long as it's available for pre-order and its not past FOC, absolutely! We work very hard to make sure we upload the entire upcoming months catalogs, but sometimes with data files, system errors and other factors it can cause a item not to get uploaded properly. Or sometimes new items come available independently and may not have been uploaded. If you don't see an item that you think you should be able to order, just email us at sales@blackcapecomics.com and we will be sure to make it available for you to pre-order.

Why do your incentive/ratio comics cost so much?

For those not familiar (Incentive) and (Ratio) comics are special limited editions of a comic meant for collectors. They are typically listed with the Ratio at the end of the title like "Amazing Spider-Man #45 artist var 1:25 " the 1:25 part means that for every 25 regular copies there are only 1 copy of that variant. So they will always be more limited than a regular cover. 

The reason we charge more is that it costs us a lot more to get that cover. We would have to buy 25 or whatever the ratio is of that cover, in order to obtain it. So if we allowed a lower price point then we would be left hanging onto large quantities of that title that may not be able to be sold. So to prevent any risk to us, we sell our ratios at what they cost us to get. This way there is no financial risk for us to order them, and they are available to anyone who wants them. 

Can I cancel my pre-order?

In short no, this is because the nature of the pre-order. When you pre-order and item, we also pre-order that item, and if we allow cancelation of pre-orders then we are left with the financial investment of that order as we are also not allowed to return any ordered stock. We may in special circumstances offer store credit or some sort of alternative options. We have every pre-order item specially marked and we have the FOC date as well as the estimated ship date listed in every description of the items. Be sure to pay close attention to those parts so you know when to expect them as well being aware that the items you are ordering are non-refundable. If you have any questions on a particular listing please email us at sales@blackcapecomics.com you can also find additional information in our terms of service.