Looking for some hot comic books? Here's some of our favorite spicy titles and covers!

Comic Books that are heating up! 

We’ve been seeing a lot of interesting books go up in value quite quickly! So, if you want to stay up with what comics are getting hot stick around! There’s are so many spicy books this week! Instead of writing a novel on all the awesome books you can pick up, we are just going to list some of our personal favorite hot comic books of the week! The rest you'll have to check out yourself on our online comic book store blackcapecomics.com ! 


Hot Miles Morales Spiderman #1 Comic Books to invest in!

1. Miles Morales #1 3rd print – Published by Marvel 

Who doesn’t love Miles Morales?! Between His awesome movie and great comics there is so much like about this spider-man. Why is he getting extra attention right now? Most Miles Morales comic books started heating up again after the announcement of the upcoming PlayStation 5 game, featuring the one and only Miles Morales Spider-man. If you’ve been collecting Miles Morales since his earliest appearances you are set right now! His first appearance in Ultimate Fallout has gone up like crazy lately! We’re here to talk about our Miles Morales comic book pick, Miles Morales Spider-man #1 3rd print. Even this third printing of Miles Morales #1 has gone up in price! Yes, a third printing! This hot comic book has been going as high as $90 on eBay (this is higher than even some of the first and second prints)! Why is this comic book getting so much heat? Low print runs! Due to the low print run it isn’t a super common comic book, making it extra Spicy! We’re seeing this with more than just the first book too! 

Hot comicbooks Miles Morales #2 2nd print

For example, This Miles Morales #2 2nd print is also a good comic book to keep an eye out for. We’ve seen this one climb up steadily this last week as far as $30! Once again this particular comic book had a bit of a low run, so there are not too many of these comics available!

  Miles Morales #3 1st print Hor comic books to look for

Plus! to keep on adding to your Miles Morales comic book hunting list, the Miles Morales #3 first print comic book is also moving its way up. This comic has been sold on eBay from $5-$15 dollars! 

We’re not done with Miles Morales quite yet! Whiles these ones are not super-hot (yet!) they really deserve a good shout-out, because I don’t think they’ve been noticed enough, is Marvel Champions! There are lot of great Miles Morales Covers!



 2. Usagi Yojimbo – Published by IDW 

Netflix recently announced that they are going to be making an animated series based off of the long running comic book Usagi Yujimbo. The show is titled ‘Samurai Rabbit: the Usagi Chronicles’. How can you go wrong with samurai rabbits and excellent story writing? This now hot Comic book has been running since the mid 80’s and there are lots of awesome covers to choose from! While they aren’t incredibly high yet, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye out for these comics once the show comes out! 


 Venom #26 Hot Comic Book

3. Venom #26 (and like all the others)- Published by Marvel 

Venom comic books are really heating up! There are many to look out for, the most recent hot comic is definitely Venom #26! Venom #26 is the first appearance of Virus! We’ve seen this comic and its variants selling for $10 to $20 dollars and it’s only been out for a week! 

fcbd Spiderman

Not directly a Venom comic book, but still a comic book with the potential to get hot, is the Free Comic Book Day Spider-Man. Sadly comic book stores around the country were unable to have the normal Free Comic Book Day, but the comics were still released this month! So, the comics did not come out when originally intended (better late than never). Which means if this comic book was released on the correct day (Thanks Corona) would have been the first appearance of Virus! 

Hot comic books Venom #7

Next up on our spicy Venom list is Venom #7! Which happens to be the first cameo of Dylan Brock, son of Eddie Brock! This book has been quite spicy lately, first prints going for $20-$30 and 2nd prints going for $15-20. Which is pretty good for a book that started off at $3.99.

However, Dylan Brock's first full appearance in Venom #9 is what really takes the cake! Venom #9 has been going up and up! Even the 2nd printing of Venom #9 is a hot comic book, Selling as high as $120 or more! You got to love those low print runs! 


No Heroine Hot Comic Book by Frank Gogol

5. No Heroine published by Source Point Press. 

This awesome comic was written by the written by Frank Gogol, who has rocked all of his other comics! Here’s a few of his past titles that we love! Dead End Kids and Grief. So there's no doubt this one is going to be a killer! No Heroine #1 has already started selling well above cover price, right after the FOC date for it! This Comic book is getting hot before it even officially comes out! Definitely a hot comic book to get!  


Everglade Angels #1 Scout comics

6. Everglade Angels #1 – Scout Comics 

Scout Comics has been killing it lately with awesome comics titles and cover art! Everglade Angles #1 CVR A is already selling at least double or more it’s original cover price, and its movie poster variant has been hitting $90 - $100 dollars. This comic is well written and full of awesome art. We’ve read this comic and completely understand why people are loving it, we liked it so much we even got our very own Black Cape Comics exclusive variant it!

Black Cape Comics Everglade Angels #1 exclsive cover Hot comic booksEverglade Angels Comic Book Cover Hot comic books

Black Cape Comics Exclusive Everglade Angels #1 this cover was down By Brandon Bradbury, you can check out his other works on Instagram or Facebook @BranFlakes.Art 

Everglade Angels #1 Remarked CoverEverglade Angels #1 Remarked Cover by branflakesart

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