A online Pull Box service is coming to this site natively but for the time being you can set up a pull box via Previews world’s Beta version. This will enable you to pre-order comics as well as set up a pull list. With this service still being in Beta form it is Invite only, that means you will need to provide us with your email, and we will send you an invite via email to set up your account. To participate please email benjamin@blackcapecomics.com

Yes, here at Black Cape Comics we focus on runs and key issues. our inventory changes regularly so if you are looking for something in particular feel free to reach out to us. 

Locally (in store) yes we do, we are working on an online option but currently not available. For my local customers It’s very simple, the more you buy, the more points you get. Use your points any time for 5% off of your accumulated value! If you spend $100 and you will have $5 worth of points to use towards what ever you want, it’s that easy! 

Yes, in fact I encourage any and all characters to visit the store! Any cosplayers’ who’d like to, can have their pictures taken and even be featured on the store’s website and/or social media pages.

Yes, but it will require a transaction before each issue gets shipped. We are working on some more Convenient 


 options, but we can work with you and make sure we come up with something that works.  

We are located at 177 Main Street, STE 3, Waterville, Maine, 04901. For my local customers who plan on paying us a visit you can find us downtown right next to Saleah Tea Cafe. Look for Spider-Man in the window!

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