Criminal #1 Review



There’s something about crime. We can’t get enough of it. Cop shows, heist movies, true crime podcasts – we eat it all up, but why? It’s not about seeing justice done, because as often as not we’re rooting for the criminals. It’s not about nobly “sticking it to the man” either, because these people tend to be far from noble and don’t always succeed. Why do we do it then? It’s about seeing another world, a darker one where people aren’t inhibited by the law or society. We know we can’t do these things in real life so we turn to fiction to grant us entry into that world. Criminal’s Undertow Bar does just that. From the minute we walk through the doors in the opening chapter of Criminal’s first volume and meet the residents of this world of crime, we know we’re a part of it and we can feel like we belong. In every story thereafter, too, we go back and spend more time in this world, and we see another story from another point of view; the world grows. The new Criminal #1 is no different. It slices off another sizable chunk of the world and shows it to you, letting you get inside and wander around. Characteristically for Criminal, it gives you everything you want from a crime story. For those of you who’ve already lived in the dark world of the Undertow, come back. For those of you who have never been, come on in – it’s nice down here.

By Harrison Kassen 1/16/2019

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