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All commissions are done in b&w, sketch line-art form - 9x12 inches unless ya want the art on something else such as a sketch cover

All prices are for a single character 

remarques on prints are also available (commission + cost of print or canvas) - Headshot: 100 

Bust: 200

Full-Body: 300

Fully color commissions digital or traditional based on artist’s choice: 1500 - 2500

Remarques can be done on standard prints, unmounted canvases, and mounted canvases

Standard prints: 25 - 80 (depending on which. most are 25)

Unmounted canvases: 100

Mounted canvases: 200


Variant Bonuses on published cover work

Signatures: 10 per

Graded signatures: 15 per

Remarques - quick sharpie sketch - 1 to 2 colors usually - head sketch of your choice